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Shows 2018


February 9th @ Petit Campus, Montreal (Wake Up album Launch)

February 15th @ L'Anti, Quebec City, QC

February 24th @ L'Escalier, Montreal

April 12th @ The Supermarket, Toronto

April 21st @ L'Escalier, Montreal

May 12th @Bootlegger l'Authentique, Montreal

June 3rd @ MMA Celebrity Gala 2018, Kirkland

June 9th @ L'Escalier, Montreal

July 1st @ Ottawa River Festival and Canada Day (solo), Rockland


July 11th @ Casa Del Popolo, Montreal

July 18th @ Lancement du piano public (St-Laurent/Prince-Arthur), Montreal

July 24th @ Piranha Bar  for RAC concert, Montreal

August 11th @ Zone Musique, Laval (zone centre-ville)

August 11th @ L'Escalier, Montreal

August 23rd @ Diapason au Parc des Amériques, Montreal 

August 24th @ Crowbar, Montreal (Road to Indie Week Canada 2018)

November 6-11 @ TBD, Toronto (Indie Week Canada 2018)

November 30th @ The Rainbow, Ottawa

December 28th @ L'Escalier, Montreal


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